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Price and Purchasing

Thank you again for thinking of purchasing one of our Cockapoo puppies. Our current price is $1900 plus GST.   Prices can fluctuate based on market, but once you put a deposit down that is the price you will pay for your Cockapoo puppy. Prior to sending a deposit, give us a phone call so we can get a chance to chat with you and get to know you a little bit. Once both us us feel comfortable, a $300 non-refundable deposit can be sent. The deposit can be sent by e-transfer or it can be brought in person to our home by cash. Once a deposit is received you will go on our wait list in the date order deposits are received. you will need to decide if you want a girl or a boy puppy, or if you have no preference at this time as well. 


During the waiting period before you receive your puppy, feel free to text or call anytime for updates or any questions you may have.  We will keep you updated on which mom is expecting and their approximate due date. Once the puppies are born and are three weeks old we will contact you and let you know how many male and female puppies there are.  We will also be sending group pictures of the puppies once they are three weeks old.   We wait to let you know until they are three weeks old to make sure our puppies are thriving and having a good bonding experience with momma. Once they are six weeks old we will send individual pictures or you can come in person to pick out your puppy, this is always the fun part! Then at 8 weeks old you pick up your new best friend! The remainder of the purchase price is due at pick up by cash or e-transfer. 

We will then stay in contact over text, but feel free to call anytime. Getting a new puppy in your home is a fun and exciting time, and we feel privileged to be on the journey with you!

What comes in your puppy care package?  


Our puppies come with a puppy care package which includes the following:

  • Small portion of puppy food (Authority brand puppy food from Pet Smart),

  • Paper work from our veterinarian with health check and record of vaccinations 

  • Toy and blanket with scent of siblings and mom on them  

Again, thank you for considering one of our Cockapoo or Cavapoo puppies. We are excited to be a part of welcoming a new best friend to your home!

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