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Ruby is a wonderful puppy!  She is very calm most of the day but playful too!  She loves to play fetch down at the field.  She loves to visit with people and other dogs - we just love her! ❤️

- Amy 😊 

Hi Blaine- great to hear from you!! We are all healthy and well and as always enjoying Leo’s crazy ways!! Leo is a total goofball and knows exactly what he wants. He LOVES being close to us whether it’s getting cuddles, sitting on our feet the moment we stop or trying to join in to every game the kids are playing! He’s brought us a lot of joy during this difficult year. I can’t believe he’s almost 1!! 
We wish your family a merry Christmas and health and success in 2021! Be sure to keep in touch. 😊 

- Meagan

We decided on the name of Beau! He had a good first day, he played a lot and slept a lot and even slept through the night in his crate accident free.  

- Tias 

Last spring we were devastated when our little 12 year old rescue dog passed away unexpectedly of a stroke. After saying we could never go through losing a dog again we soon realized that life simply wasn’t the same without a four legged family member and after a few months we were on our IPads every day looking at rescues and breeders of cockapoos and/or miniature doodles. It soon became apparent that with Covid dogs were a hot commodity.   One day my husband came across a post by Blaine that said he was expecting a litter of cockapoos in the fall and immediately we jumped.  In late September or early October we received a text that the litter had been born with 4 pups and there was one male available and was ours if we wanted him. Of course we wanted him. With all the restrictions our lives were pretty boring so we did a day trip from Okotoks up north to make our deposit. We found a lovely family on a beautiful acreage/small farm and left with the feeling that our pup was coming from a very good place. Blaine was kind enough to send weekly updates and pictures which we loved.

In late November when he was 8 weeks old we once again made the drive north to pick up the little guy. We came home with our 7 pound, reddish brown bundle with a white goatee. He was covered in the curliest hair and was absolutely adorable. We soon found out he had a mind of his own and we named him Moose. Of course the first weeks were spent working on potty training and all things puppy. As soon as he was fully immunized we started his leash training in earnest and every day we are once again enjoying long walks with a four legged companion. He is still learning so on the walks the thing he hears the most is “Leave it!” He seems to think that pine cones, rocks and other items would be a good addition to his diet, we disagree. We had five dogs over the years but we have never had a dog where so many people come up to us on our walks with comments about how cute he is, they love his colour, what a great looking dog, love the white goatee  and on and on. He brings smiles to our faces and puts a spring in our step and keeps us on our toes. We love him to bits. He still gets into trouble and mischief but that is the nature of our Moose. We are so glad we made him part of our family.

- Dot 

He is honestly such a good boy, we love him so much. He is still in his crate every night, wakes us up by whining  in the morning to go to the washroom usually between 5-6am. Has only had two accidents in the house (which were both completely our fault). Every time we take him outside, he goes to the washroom whether it be a dribble or a lot. We take him out about every hour and now he whines and goes toward the door if he needs to go. He goes nuts over the smell of his favorite treats 🤣 and is always down to cuddle or play. Doesn’t like getting in trouble at all. Walks up 4 flights of stairs all by himself, falls asleep when we brush him and clean his ears/eyes. He is really good at communicating with us in regards to what he wants. He sure doesn’t like when we take his food and water away at 7 🤣. We just love him so much. 

- Tylene (owner of 9 week old puppy)

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